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Bitcoin Checker

Bitcoin checker in Play store

* This app supports not only BTC, but also other crypto currencies like DOGE, LTC, FTC… and so on… *

Features: – Free app with Ongoing development – Check multiple exchanges at the same time – Many currencies and virtual currencies – not only BTC (also DOGE, LTC etc.) : depending on exchange – Display prices with mBTC or Satoshi. – Announcements via Text-to-Speech! – Several alarm conditions with handy alarm value picker – Ability to set up multiple alarms for single exchange – Global and individual update interval settings – Flexible update frequency: type any number of seconds/minutes/hours/days – Home and Lock screen widget available (Android 3.0+) with customizations – Simple refresh action: from Notification or Widget – Optional notifications in notification bar – Optional support for expandable notifications with extra info (Android 4.1+) – Modern and smart user interface that fits info latest Android design – Ability to reorder Checkers on list with Drag and Drop (on Android 3.0+).

Supported currencies: USD, EUR, CNY, CAD, PLN, GBP, CHF, RUB, AUD, SEK, DKK, HKD, SGD, THB, NZD, JPY, BRL, KRW, and many more! Virtual currencies: BTC, DOGE (on Cryptsy), LTC, CAT, LOT, NMC, NVC, PPC, FTC, XPM, VEN, XRP and other Cryptsy currencies.

At the moment we support following exchanges: – Mtgox – Btc China – Btc-e – Bitstamp – Bitcurex – Mercado Bitcoin – Kraken – Bitfinex – OKCoin – Cryptsy – Coinbase – Vircurex – FxBtc – Bter – Bitcoin-Central.net – Justcoin

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