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Bit Tracker

Bit Tracker in iTunes store

Bit Tracker is a small app that allows you to keep an eye on the value of Bitcoin and to see what are your current ressources on your marketplace (currently only Bitstamp).

Main features : • Live update of Bitcoin price (Bitstamp). • Background fetching, Bitcoin price updating even when […]


CurBit in iTunes store

This app allows you to monitor the current Bitcoin exchange rates (tickers) and current profit of your assets.

Features include: – Customize you tickers: select currency and exhange, use separator in values – Use forced swipe or enable auto updates (in app settings) – Create assets: Bitcoin (BTC), currency or buy-sell […]


MyBitcoin in iTunes store

Tracking your Bitcoins value? Now it’s possible by using this new app! You can check the order book and the transactions on Bitstamp.net (also those of your Bitstamp account).

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most widespread electronic currency in the world, created to be independent, safe and anonymous. No authority can change […]


比特币随手看 in iTunes store



OKCoin Quotes

OKCoin Quotes in iTunes store

OKCoin Quotes is the best Bitcoin BTC Litecoin LTC trade platform real-time investment information tool.

Features: 1 Focus on chinese OKCoin market. 2 Real-time refresh the price of BTC and LTC. 3 Real-time refresh the market depth. 4 Supports BTC and LTC both. 5 More professional and accurate data.




CoinUp in iTunes store

CoinUp is a bitcoin ticker mainly for Chinese bitcoin trade platform.

It support the following bitcoin trade platform: 1) MTGOX 2) BITSTAMP 3) OKCOIN 4) CHBTC 5) FXBTC 6) HUOBI 7) BTCTRADE 8) BTC100 9) BTCCHINA

CoinUp provide the following features: 1) PUSH Notification (Message 2) Order Books 3) Transaction records […]


BitcoinEx in iTunes store

BitcoinEx is a nice, iOS 7 designed app to check for Bitcoin and Litecoin prices, graphs and convert between US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Bitcoins (only LTC to BTC).

You can also check the BTC-e ticker prices for all the listed currencies.



BTC Tick

BTC Tick in iTunes store

BTC Tick is a stunning way to experience the Bitcoin market on iPhone.

The UI is animated from top to bottom beautifully.

Non stop scrolling Tickers drift by showing the latest prices against USD, GBP & EUR.

New market data is pulled automatically and glides in to the Tickers when […]


BTCPocket in iTunes store

yet another bitcoin price tracker on iOS.


My Bitcoins

My Bitcoin in iTunes store

Interested in bitcoins? Download this app to check the current rate and the value of your own bitcoins.

Sources: – Mt.Gox – BTC-e

Currencies: – Euro – USD