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Bitcoin Walker

Bitcoin Walker is a combination of live Bitcoin exchange rates and Bitcoin exchange calculators.

The Genesis Block Market Dashboard

The Genesis Block Market Dashboard

Market prices and depth chart for various exchanges

The Genesis Block Mining Dashboard

The Genesis Block Mining Dashboard

The dashboard provides data for mining profitability. It provides a profitability estimator as well as data on individual mining products.


ZeroBlock.com has Bitcoin trading charts for several exchanges and a news aggregator.


Blockchain.info provides a number of charts for price and several other metrics on the Bitcoin network. Some of the charts are not completely accurate.

Total Bitcoins in Circulation – An unknown number of Bitcoins have been lost. Estimates range from 1 – 5 million as many people deleted their wallets in the early days when […]


BitcoinCharts.com provides a number of charts and statistics including Bitccoin price markets and mining charts.


CoinChoose.com provides mining profitability charts for mining various crypto-currencies. These currencies or “Alt-Coins” are essentially “knock-offs” of Bitcoin with some parameter changes. Note that mining profitability depends on the “hash rate.” Some coins use different algorithms for the “Proof of Work” such as SHA256 and Scrypt. The hash rates of the different algorithms cannot be […]

ClarkMoody.com Bitcoin Chart

ClarkMoody.com offers a Bitcoin trading depth chart for various currencies but only for the Mt. Gox exchange. Since it is difficult in some cases to withdrawal funds from Mt. Gox the price may not be representative of what can actually be traded.



BitcoinAverage.com provides and average price of Bitcoin among the exchanges they cover. They also provide a global average which is the average across all currencies and not just the US Dollar.

They also provide charts for each currency over time. Note that some currencies may have small volume which can skew the price.

USD Chart: […]


BitcoinPulse.com is a compilation of Bitcoin market indicators. It does have some rudimentary price tickers it also tracks other parameters such as merchant, investor, and support metrics.